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Enjoy the Adventure Memories & More cards

  Happy Friday everyone! I just finished my challenge this afternoon & so happy with the results!  I wanted to make 20 cards using the ' Enjoy the Adventure' Memories & More cards and the coordinating pack of Cards & Envelopes without doing any stamping & I did it! Yay!!!   Here's a sneak preview of the cards.  I will post pics in a Tutorial for anyone taking this class with me either in person or take-out.  😉 Here's 4 of them up close LOVE LOVE LOVE these Memories & More cards!!!  I've designed most of them on my own, just used some inspiration from Pinterest & YouTube for a couple of them and then I was on a roll, so I'm very proud of myself, but these cards made it so easy to play with, anyone can do it! There are 20 card bases & envelopes in the pack, so I used them all and when I was done, this is what I still have left from the M&M Card pack!   So I could keep going and make regular sized cards with the leftovers using co