2021 Christmas cards from Friends & Family!

 Hello Stampin' Friends!

Hope everyone had a wonderful time this Holiday season!  I know we did, we were able to visit both sides of the family, which was hard to plan ahead when you don't know what kind of restrictions would be in place, so I'm happy we were ok to do so! 

I don't know where 2021 went, do you?  It's gone by so fast, hard to believe we're starting 2022 already!!!  Thank you all for your support in this past year, it is truly appreciated!!!  And I hope we can get back to normal soon, but I do have some ideas in mind to get us going, so stay tuned, either by following my FB Page or by subscribing to my emails so that you don't miss anything!

I thought I'd come on here today to show you all the beautiful cards we received this year, I was amazed to see how many still takes the time to do this, especially when you're a cardmaker hey? I made a note to myself for next year though, I will come up with a beautiful card that I can mass produce & start addressing my envelopes months before Christmas instead of starting in December! lol Oh yeah, I was still writing cards on Dec 24th!!!  But I did get 60 some cards out!!! Sorry if I didn't get everyone, but had to call it quits before Santa showed up! 😄😅

Since we're all stampers, I will start with the handmade cards first! I feel so special when I get a card from someone, so thank you so much!!! They are all beautiful!

Here we go...

1- Carol Ann Gaudet (Creative Chick from QC)

2-  Shawn Sim (Creative Chick from Moncton)

3- Gwen Hicks (Creative Chick from Moncton)

4- Suzanne Aubin (Creative Chick from Tracadie)

5- Rae Mouland (Long time Customer!)

6-  Karen Prosser (Creative Chick from Riverview)

7-  Adrienne Allard (Creative Chick from Moncton)

8-  Gisèle Castonguay (Creative Chick from St-Quentin, NB)

9-  Carmella LeBlanc (Creative Chick from Moncton, the Slimline card Queen!!! lol - and Daisy says thank you again for the yummy doggy treats! 🐶)

10-  Louise Mainville (Customer -and she collects old Christmas cards by the way, with her friend Patricia, they make tags with them & then donate them to the Moncton SPCA so that they can turn around & sell to raise money!  So if you usually throw out your cards after Christmas, please let us know, you can drop them off in my mailbox or they can pick them up if you want.)

11-  Belinda Roy (Creative Chick from Plaster Rock area)

12-  Susan Godfrey (Long time Customer of mine!)

13-  Doreen Taylor (Karen Prosser's mom who used to be in many of my stamp clubs and still sends me a card every year! Thanks Doreen, miss you!)

14-  Susan Arsenault-Richard (Long time Creative Chick from Beresford - Just celebrated her 10th anniversary in October! Congrats again!)

15-  Darlene Ripley (Creative Chick from NS-Beautiful card, made me order that Merriest Moments bundle! lol)

16-  Carolyn Garland (A sister Demo from Moncton, we've been in Evelyn's Stamping Sirens Team for over 15 years together!)

And here are all the other cards we received! WOW!!! 
We truly appreciate & loved all the cards from everyone!!!

 Hope you'll find some inspirations from all these beautiful cards & take my suggestion, get an early start next year so that it's not so overwhelming to do all at once! 😅
Wishing all of you, a wonderful year ahead! May 2022 be filled with Love, Laughter, Happiness & good health!

with love, from The Perry Family


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